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Importance of CDPAP

The CDPAP makes it possible for an individual to be able to get home care services. The program makes it possible for one to decide who will be their caregiver as well as how the services should be provided. CDPAP has a couple of merits to an individual.

Firstly, continuous nurturing is fostered given by the fact that an individual has the opportunity to choose their caregivers. This is given by the fact that they are completely comfortable with and hence will ensure that one is at peace all the time. Moreover, it is very completely convenient to an individual since an individual does not have to get out of home looking for care services. Given that the care receiver gets the care services at home, then it will go to show that they will be at ease since they are used to the surroundings.

Additionally there are co disruptions when the care services are being administered. Given that the care giver has only one patient who receives the services from home, then it will mean that there will be no time wasted taking care of other consumers. With the fact that the caregiver does not frequently change, then it makes it possible for one to receive the best services. The provision of the best care services is as a result of the caregiver understanding his or her consumer.

It is easy to maintain the daily routine through the CDPAP program. Based on the knowledge that the care provider has of the care receiver then he or she is able to formulate a suitable routine that will be favorable to the individual. An improvement on the condition of the care receiver is noted once the routine is implemented daily.

Consequently, the care receiver does not have the pressure of meeting new caregivers that they are not comfortable with since they choose one for themselves. This therefore improves the loyalty levels between the both parties which in turn plays a huge role in ensuring improving the condition. Effective of the program is also felt since the care provider and the care receiver are in constant communication. The care receiver is optimistic that their condition will improve since the care provider is trustworthy.

In conclusion, an individual finds this program to be very convenient given by the fact that one does not have to always go to the health care center. It also plays a very major role in ensuring that the condition gradually improves due to quality services. Among the people who completely benefit from the CDPAP and the disabled given by the fact that it is a little bit difficult for them to move from home to a medical center to receive care services.

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