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Less Known Medical Benefits Provided by CBD

Although many people talk about THC when they discuss cannabis, the real hero may just be CBD (cannabidiol) as you will read below. CBD is among over a hundred active cannabinoids or chemical compounds existing in marijuana, but it is a key phytocanabinoid that composes about 40% of the plant’s extract. And with its little side effects, it is also popular for a whole range of medical uses.

While the health advantages of medical CBD have become increasingly well-known today, here are some of its little known benefits:

Curbing Nicotine Addiction

A research project at the University College London saw 24 smokers getting a CBD or placebo inhaler each. As a result, the participants smoked less cigarettes without increasing their nicotine cravings. This suggests that cannabidiol helped in the withdrawal process.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

With regular cannabidiol consumption, the body stops or reduces its formation or accumulation of prions, proteins that cause neurological damageseen in various medical conditions, such as mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and more.

Inflammation Reversal

With animal models and cell cultures, it was discovered by Cajal Institute researchers that CBD can reverse the inflammation process as well as guard against the effects of multiple sclerosis. The study revealed that mice developed superior motor skills within ten days of receiving CBD. This helped the scientists conclude that CBD can play an important part in reducing certain aspects of MS.

Crohn’s Disease

Scientists found some evidence of CBD’s ability to help treat Crohn’s disease, considering that CBD interacts with the system that affects gut functions, which is exactly what Crohn’s sufferers deal with. Furthermore, because cannabinoid also offers anti-inflammatory properties, it can also offer relief to those who deal with Crohn’s, along with other bowel diseases.


We all know that medical CBD helps alleviate pain, but fibromyalgic pain is something that only more recently has been singled out. This was the result of a study conducted in 2011 on patients suffering from pain from fibromyalgia in particular.


A study featured in the US National Library of Medicine proved that CBD helps control IL-12 production by splenocytes. This cytokine plays a big role in various autoimmune diseases, including Type 1 diabetes.

Sleep Problems

While tiredness is one of CBDs’ few side effects, it can be used to help insomniacs and others dealing with any type of sleep disorder. Instead of conventional medication, they can switch to CBD, which is much safer and non-addictive.

Mental Conditions

Fially, when taken orally, CBD can provide anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, helping those who deal with stress and anxiety issues and even those with post-traumatic disorder. But that’s not where it ends. According to some studies, CBD can even help schizophrenics.

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