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Most Valuable Certification of Enterprise Architect

Due to the how fast the technology is changing, most of the enterprises have been forced to become integrated within the various platforms. Most of the company’s management is flexible and easily adapt to the changing technology. Therefore it is the practice of enterprise architecture by business should not be a surprise. The processes involved in enterprise architecture are adjusting technology with company strategies and combining demand. Enterprise architect access the business structure and come up with a recommendation that will enable the company to move forward.

Their target is to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, durability, and agility. Considering the fact that the enterprise architect is highly specialized, you can train in other architectural areas. So, which is the right certification to go for. Here are some certification available. Group certified architect is one which will not look at how to apply the skills but how skillful you are. This certification is desirable as offers greater career option while in the business. This type of certification requires a person to put into practice the knowledge acquired by example. Review of this evidence is then done by three certified architects who determine if the applicant has qualified.

This certification is proof that the candidate can apply what he has trained. The proof that you are skillful is very attractive to companies looking to employ qualified staff. Zachman certification is one that is directed to reality-based learning. This certification combines the learned theory with the real world experience. Hence the certification is focused on strengthening the skills attained at the same time providing an understanding of the industry. by quickly evaluating the process, different level of certification can be obtained.

The certification is best for working class individual who is not ready to take the course in the institution. There are training and examination period for every level of certification. The case studies and review provides the individual with the ability to be an enterprise architect. The Open Group Architecture Framework, TOGAF is widely accepted.

This is because most of the companies have adopted programmes that require this type of training. The certification is in two parts, the first part is for those who are fresh in the profession and the second part is for the experienced ones. The two system enables the candidate to cover all the necessary knowledge that are held in the certification. Holding TOGAF certification puts you at the top of the enterprise architecture field. The knowledge attained can apply in every aspect of the business structure. This type of certification is good for the development of a company. TOGAF is aimed at training people to be able to know how to meet organizational demands.

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